Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Relais Villa Olmo we are committed to doing all we can to safeguard the environment, minimize our ecological footprint, and enhance health. Using eco-friendly practices and socially sustainable policies allows us to add value to our guests’ stay: we provide a high-standard, carefully fine-tuned, exclusive, and comfortable hospitality experience that has a positive impact on our planet and its inhabitants.

Our Partnership with Clean The World

We are especially proud to partner with Clean The World, the foundation devoted to collecting and recycling unused soap and bottled hygiene amenities and redistributing these to less fortunate people around the world to help prevent illness.
“Turning trash into treasure” is one of the claims of Clean The World, and Relais Villa Olmo is honored to do its part.

How it works

Very simply. Clean The World provides us with dedicated bins for discarded soap and plastic shampoo, shower gels, conditioners, and hand cream or lotion bottles. All we ask of our guests is to kindly use these bins, instead of in the unsorted waste bins, for soap bars and/or hygiene amenities bottles when they are finished with them or if they wish to have new ones delivered to their rooms. The bins are then shipped to Clean The World for recycling and repurposing, and we receive new bins. This way, families and children who live in impoverished communities receive the soap they need to preserve their health, preventing potentially deathly illnesses such as pneumonia, cholera, and gastrointestinal diseases.


We have but one planet, and must strive to protect it and make life on it the best, healthiest, and safest possible for all that it houses.