The Cellar

Experience the privileges of a real relais winery in Chianti!

Rich, intense and elegant. Produced using only the juiciest most perfect grapes.

Our signature Diadema red and white wines are perfect with a tasty Tuscan meal, and marvelous enjoyed on their own, at leisure, gazing at the hillside.
Our blends come to life slowly and silently thanks to our experts’ loving care and the perfect temperature of our ancient wine cellar.
Our newly restored cellar offers our signature Diadema wines a unique environment, where they age both traditionally, in oak wood casks, and in the terracotta earthenware vases created especially by local artisans.
Fascinating and exclusive the cellar provides our guests with the unique privilege to spend memorable moments in the magical realm of wine, right at their doorstep!

Witness the hand-labeling process of our precious glistening Swarovski line bottles, perfect your wine tasting techniques led by a professional sommelier.

Appreciate the different flavors of Tuscany’s premium olive oils with a connoisseur and learn to make your own blend with an enticing wine-making adventure led by our experts. The charming tasting room, ideal for small private events such as celebrations or themed wine-pairing dinners, is a perfect haven to discover the enchantment of a relais winery in Chianti!

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